Impaired Differently for Greatness

“Where everyone is valuable.”

Mentoring Moments has launched a new program for those who are stuck and don’t know what to do. For those who have been told you’re nobody, you’re nothing, you have no value, this program is for you.

Founding Mentor, Marla Godette, has been led to utilize her skill sets and abilities to see the greatness in everyone and pull it out to create and offer this program where she will use what you have to bring value to the world. No longer will you wait for the opportunity to come to you. You will realize that YOU are the opportunity everyone has been waiting for.

Criminal past history, we’ve got you. Physical or mental challenges, we’ve got you. Emotional disorders or mood disabilities, we’ve got you. Need more time to complete tasks or you just think differently than the norm, we’ve got you. Stay up late or sleep during the day, we’ve got you. Someone said “you’re just weird”, we’ve got you!  It doesn’t matter how you were created or what you have done. We’ve got you! You are valuable!

Contact Marla today using the Calendly booking ap for your discounted consultation and get ready to embrace being IMPAIRED DIFFERENTLY for GREATNESS!